Field training / LFE
Airsoft, team exercise
Sundays 10 am - 4 pm
AC / A3 / Laggars
Spontanious planning.
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Operation GAU
Airsoft för beginners.
Beginner's course.
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Airsoft is more commonly known under the name of the replicas: "soft air gun".

USAF - Uppsala Special Airsoft Forces - is our own airsoft team and consists of hard veterans and recruits looking for a challenge. The deam is split in 2 sections: regular USAF for those who dont want to spend too much time, energy and resources on the sport and be laid back, and Task Force Spartan for those who want to play on a harder and more realistic level. We play as a American recon force (reconnaissance and saboutage) with so called Digital Woodland-camouflage (MARPAT) and usually M4/M15/M16 weapon systems. The teammembers are divided into different combat groups with different tasks. USAF have exercises ever 2 weeks but it can turn into every week during high season. We who play in USAF are everything from desktop warriors to couchpotatoes to actual soldiers. Different from what many think you dont have to be a soldier to play airsoft, and we have no connection at all to the Swedish Armed Forces.


Airsoft is very similar to paintball in many ways but work a bit differently. The guns are very well-made replicas of actual guns with correct appearance and weight which makes them very realistic. Instead of paintballs they fire small plastic balls that are loaded into a changeable magazines instead of a tank atop the gun. The guns are powered in 3 different ways: springs, batteries or gas. More advanced guns also have something called BlowBack, a function that creates recoil to make the gun even more realistic.

Due to the guns being very realistic it is very important to handle, store and transport them properly. For you who have it it might seem as a harmless toy, but for the person next to you who doesnt know its a airsoft the situation can very quickly become horrifying. Remember that there are people around you who recently came from a actual war.

Generally you always have to be 18 to play airsoft, which is because Sweden's laws classify soft air guns as "weapons with limited effect". We can however during certain circumstances allow people as young as 15 to play.

There are different kinds of airsoft games. Some are quick small games that takes about ~30 minutes where 2 or more teams face eachother on a field with simple tasks; for example conquer the opposing team flag or hold a position while fending off attacks. Then there are also tougher scenario games which require planning, co-operation and leadership to complete the tasks.

The last type of game is called MilSim which stands for Military Simulations. Those are very realistic games which often have specific demands on uniform, guns etc. to create such a realistic game as possible. The MilSim-games can last for days on end with limited food and water just like a actual military campaign. There is also always tanks, officers and joint operations as well as vehicles. Taking part in a MilSim game is tough and demanding - but also very rewarding and a very special experience.