PC Gaming & LAN

Several games
Mostly FPS and RTS.
Spontanious planning.
See Discord.


The association has its own gaming clan: KCC - King Charles' Caroleans, or Kung Karl's Karoliner in Swedish. The name stems from when we started playing LAN when we often played wargames that took place during the middle- or imperial age. The name stuck and followed us to other games. You can find us as a clan both on Steam and Wargaming. We co-ordinate our games via our Discord-server, channel #kcc.


Everybody have probably heard of PC Gaming by now. You sit by your screens and kill off time as well as virtual versions of yourself. But we love PC Gaming. Along with the internet they give us a incredible opportunity to learn to co-operate with foreigners from all across the globe.

Sometimes we arrange LAN-parties, when a bunch of people gather in the same location with 1 computer each and play together, usually as a team against other players or computers. We co-operate - or saboutage for eachother if we are "enemies" - but we have incredibly fun and laugh a lot. We usually buy and cook food together - it saves us time and brings us closer.

We recommend that you bring a laptop to our LAN-parties - even if there are space for desktops too.