The Bazaar
Random games / WH40K
Saturdays 12 pm - 9 pm.
Studiefrämjandet: Portalen.
English game. See Discord for dates.
Session in Swedish.

Eridian Crusade
Warhammer 40.000
Curently inactive.
Studiefrämjandet: Portalen.
English game.
Session in Swedish.


Wargames is like a enlarged tabletop strategy game, a enhanced version of chess. 2 or more players decorate a big table with terrain, buildings, etc. and make it into a battlefield. Each player has his own little army which may consist of infantry, tanks and planes. The units are placed into positions on the battlefield and the battle begins.

You use rulers to measure distances, ranges and movements for the troops. The game is turn-based and the troops can use the terrain as they move through it, for example take cover behind rocks, etc. Different troops have different weapons, equipment and movement and you need to put them all to their best use. In the game itself, rolling of dice plays the human factor and tells you wether you hit or miss your target, or what effect your action has.

The most common game played in our group is Warhammer 40.000, a sci-fi game about a grimdark future where the Imperium of Man battles orcs, aliens and the demonic forces of Chaos.


The unique beauty of wargames is that all your units come as models. You need to assemble them part by part and paint them, giving your own unique touch to each and every miniature.

Every miniature comes in a box with all the parts and some extras as well as a instruction booklet. With some simple tools and paints found at your local hobby shop, assembly can get started in no time. You can either assemble your model first and give a rush paint job afterwards, or you can take your time and paint each part individually before assembly to make it rich in detail. During assembly you can use different parts to make your model and crew unique.

When it comes to painting, you can either go for one of the standard regimental paint patterns described in the books, or go with your own depending on what you prefer.