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Our by-laws

The name of the association is Gargul.
The association is seated in Uppsala.
The association is a non-profit organization and is religious and politically unbiased.
The association is connected to SVEROK.
The purpose of the association is to arrange events and increase public interest for the gaming hobby in general, but with focus on roleplaying games, LARP-ing, airsoft and PC Gaming.
The association works with equality so that all our members have the same possibilities and conditions to take part and have their say in the activities.
The business year for the association is Jan 1st until Dec 31st.

All persons who agree to our by-laws have the right to become members.
A member is a person who in text have applied to join.
The annual meeting can decide if it should be free to join, or if the association should have a member fee. If there is a fee, it must be paid for a person to count as a member.

Members have the right to recieve information about the association, take part and vote on the annual meeting and be able to be elected to the board or the caucus. Members are obliged to follow the rules and by-laws of the association, as well as keep their contact information updated and treat other members with respect.

The membership is valid until the next annual meeting, but at least until the end of the business year.
A member who wishes to leave the association earlier shall inform the board of this by text. Only then will the person no longer count as a member.

A member who misbehaves can have the membership revoked. The next annual meeting shall then decide if the membership shall be revoked or not. A to-be-revoked member is allowed to go to the annual meeting and vote about the revoking. The board and the annual meeting can cancel revoked memberships.

The board are responsible for the associations finances, activities, member list, annual meeting and to ensure that what is decided on the annual meeting is carried out.
The board must be at least 3 people, where 1 is president. The board split responsibility.
The board shall decide which members of it who have the right to sign agreements in the name of the association. They are called authorized signatories.
The board is elected on the annual meeting, and take their position as soon as the meeting is over.
Any member of the association can be elected to the board.

The auditor is tasked with inspecting the board's work and present it at the next annual meeting.
The association must have one or two auditors.
Members of the board cannot be auditors.
The auditor does not have to be a member of the association.

The association can have a caucus.
The caucus is tasked with suggesting members to the posts of the board at the annual meeting.
Every member of the association can be elected to the caucus.
If no caucus is elected, the board are responsible for the tasks of the caucus.

The annual meeting must be held before March 31st each year.
To be valid, the members of the association must be notified personally at least 2 weeks in advance. The notification must specify time, date, location and a preliminary agenda. If all members approve the annual meeting can be valid even if the notification came less than 2 weeks ahead of time.

The following things must always be on the agenda of the annual meeting:
- Declaration that the meeting has been opened
- Decision of the validity of the meeting
- Choosing a president for the meeting
- Choosing a secretary for the meeting
- Choosing at least one person to inspect the protocol after the meeting
- The board presents the activites from last year
- The board presents the finances from last year
- The auditors present last years work of the board
- Desicion of freedom of liability for the board of last year
- Suggestions from board and members
- Desicion on this years activities
- Desicion on this years budget, finances and possible member fee
- Election of this years board
- Election of this years auditors
- Election of this years caucuses
- Declaration that the meeting is over.

If the board, the auditors or at elst 1/4 of the members of the association want to, the association can have a extra annual meeting. It can be held at any time of the year. The same requriements of validity is in place for the extra annual meeting as well as the regular. On a extra annual meeting, only what has been pre-determined on the agenda can be brought up.

Every member of the annual meeting can cast 1 vote each. In polls, the suggestion with the most votes win. If a poll is undecisive two times in a row, it counts as the suggestion do not pass. If the poll is about election and it is undecisive, it is decided by random, for example a throw of dice. Votes that are nor for or against a suggestion are not counted.

Every member of the board who take part in a board meeting have the right to vote. In polls, the suggestion with the most votes win. If a poll is undecisive two times in a row, it counts as the suggestion do not pass. Votes that are nor for or against a suggestion are not counted.

The by-laws of the association can only be changed on the annual meeting, and only if the suggestions of change are on the agenda that is sent with the notification. For the change to be valid, the votes for it must be at least double to those against.

The annual meeting can decide of the association should be discontinued. The association will not be discontinued as long as there are at least 3 members who wish to run it. If the association is to be discontinued, all the debts must be paid and all accounts closed. If the association have money and/or resources left, these must be given to a non-profit association with a similar purpose, or be sent to SVEROK.