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We don't arrange LARPs ourselves very often, and when we do they're mostly post-apocalyptic. However we are more than happy to gather interested members and attend LARPs hosted by other groups.

All of our activities are planned through our Discord server! Please contact us there!

We have a very nice collaboration with the LARP group Gyllene Hjorten who has been active since 1985. They arrange several LARPs and workshops every year in the area between Uppsala and Gävle.

What is LARP?

LARP - Live Action Role Play. Different from classical roleplaying games that are played through the means of books, papers and dice, in LARP you instead dress up as your character and act it out in a fantasy world. You wear typical clothes and equipment for your character and the era the game takes place in. Due to this, your own personal abilities and knowledges also becomes the character's. It's no longer a roll of the dice that decides if you're strong as a bear, agile like a cat or cunning like a fox. Because of this you need a lot of creativity when you create your character. Neither is there a game master to control and lead the game in the same way, but instead its the dynamic and interaction between the characters that decide where the game is going.


Just as there are many different kinds of role playing games there are many different kinds of LARPs. The most common of course being medieval fantasy games with elves, orcs and other creatures. You wear typical medieval clothes and sometimes armour. The weapons can sometimes be blunted replicas made of steel, but most common are foam weapons coated with latex paint for a realistic looking finish. They are soft and light and therefore will cause no harm when hitting someone, except maybe injure your pride.

En annan populär typ är s. k. postapokalyptiska lajv, som då utspelar sig i en dystopisk framtid där världen håller på att eller har gått under (därav namnet post apokalyps). Man är kanske en av få överlevare som kämpar för att klara sig i en värld av zombies och mutanter. Utöver boffervapen är även soft air guns (en typ av skjutvapenreplika som skjuter små plastkulor) vanliga. Ett populärt tema är överlevare från ett kärnvapenkrig i en värld som lider svår brist på färskvatten, mat och det mesta annat.

Another popular kind are so called post-apocalyptic LARPs that take place in a dystopian future where the world is going under or already has (hence the name). Perhaps you are one of few survivors who struggle to survive in a world full of zombies and mutants. On top of foam weapons, soft air guns (a gun replica that fires small plastic bullets) are common. A popular theme is survivors from a nuclear war in a world that's severely lacking fresh water, food as well as almost everything else.