L. A. R. P.


LARP - Live Action Role Play. In this roleplaying game you don't sit around a table throwing dice; instead you dress up as your character and act in a fake world. You wear clothes suited for your character and the era the game takes place in. The weapons are so called foam weapons and are made of foam covered with latex colour.

We seldom arrange LARP's anymore ourselves, but we work together with our sister-association GERF whose main purpose is LARP'ing. We take part in their LARP's and provide them with props, gear and resources. GERF often join medieval LARP's such as Eleria, but they also arrange so called post-apocalyptic LARP's themselves.



The games are led by one or more Game Masters and they usually last for several days. During that time you either live in some kind of camp or in a designated area. Everything you do is "in character" and the game is on 24/7 without breaks.

There are also LARP's which takes place in modern times or even the future. The LARP's that GERF usually arrange are post-apocalyptic and inspired by the METRO 2033-universe. The world is in ruins after a nuclear war and you generally cannot go outside without wearing a gas mask. The weapons that are used then - on top of foam weapons - are soft air guns, replicas of actual weapons that fire small plastic bullets.