About us

Gargul Gaming Association, as it is today, was founded in 2014 even if its history stretches far back.

Today the community is tied to a national federation of similar associations called Riksförbundet SVEROK and work together with Studiefrämjandet.The purpose of our association is to network, help players find players and groups, promote the gaming hobby and culture for people of all ages, as well as let youths engage in a active hobby. Therefore are all of our arrangements drug- and alcohol-free and politically unbiased. Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter how you choose to identify yourself. Our activites mostly consist of roleplaying games and airsoft.Squire
Gargul first started under the name "RONEC" (RoleplayingNerdsClub) 2004 and had around 7 members at the time. During the years since then several community groups have risen and fallen (for example House of Games 2006 and The Little Group 2010), mostly due to a lack of time and management. For a brief period of time we were a part of STOROC (Storvreta Role- and Conflict-game Association).

The foundation to the association today is a larger roleplaying group that started in august 2013 and then founded a smaller association. However, interest in the community grew and we gained more and more members until we in august 2014 realized that we needed a properly managed association and it turned out that many were willing to run it - the old association was dismissed and Gargul Gaming Association - as it is today - was founded.

Gargul is the name of a town in e medieval ballad called "En Kväll Uti Gargul" (A Evening in Gargul) performed by the band "Sorkar & Strängar" (Boys & Strings). The town of Gargul is a location in "Gyllene Hjorten"s (The Golden Hind) LARP-world. The ballad inspired the name of what today is our biggest roleplaying group (8 people) which also is the longest running, and predates the association. When the association was founded, it took the name Gargul as it was almost a characteristic for our activites.